The hidden apocalypse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spoilers for Avengers Infinity War and Endgame…

Let’s talk about the snap. Instantly, half of all living beings are dust. Then the carnage starts.

Fifty percent of all cars, trucks (and any other single-pilot aircraft, etc.) instantly run wildly out of control.…

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See LevelUP on FranLab!

I sent the very first printed copy of LevelUP to Fran Blanche, who runs an addictive YouTube channel where she describes, builds, and tears down vintage electronic hardware. Check it out.

Today she posted a video where she opens her mail, including my gift to her.…

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LevelUP 8-bit giveaway

Win an Atari Flashback Portable — your very own 8-bit hardware. Perfect for your Molly Matheson cosplay, maybe. 🙂

Enter the giveaway. Refer others for more entries.…

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Announcing LevelUP: an 8-bit novel

Announcing LevelUP: an 8-bit novel

Super proud to announce the official availability of LevelUP: an 8-bit novel.

Amazon link (available at no additional cost via Kindle Unlimited)

Mr Robot meets Ready Player One

After advanced computing comes to a halt, the wold runs on hardware from the 80s.…

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LevelUP launch: how you can help

True believers,

Every time I launch a book, I get asked the question: “how can I help?” It’s amazing how many people out there want to support indie authors. I am humbled by the willingness of people to pitch in. Here’s how you can.…

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