Counting with Cuneiform

Here’s a quick lesson on how to count like a Sumerian. (Note: there are many different historical counting systems. This is one, and simplified at that.)

Sumerians counted in base 60

This practice has survived down to today in the number of seconds in a minute, and minutes in an hour.…

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Broken Tablet Campaign

My novel Broken Tablet is participating in the Kindle Scout program. This means:

  • During a 30-day campaign (April 1-30) it is available for readers like you to nominate
  • Amazon editors will choose which books go on to be published, with a contract & advance & royalties, etc.

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How to improve your focus today

I am incredibly excited to share these focus tips from Joanna Jast, author of Laser-Sharp Focus, a book that has made a huge difference in my life. Here’s Joanna:

How to improve your focus easily, quickly and without spending a dime

Many people think that to improve your focus you need a mountain of motivation and a truckload of willpower.…

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