Take Off Your Pants-style outlining for episodic fiction

I’ve been carefully going over Libbie Hawker‘s #1 bestselling book Take Off Your Pants: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing. This contains excellent advice, and I’m recommending it to all my writer friends. I won’t rehash the contents here. All I have to add here is some brief observations about writing a series (which I define as multiple episodes) rather than a single work. If you’ve watched any amount...

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How to think about Aspergers

People more often make the mistake of defining “normal” too narrowly, compared to the mistake of defining it too broadly. Once you agree with that, it makes sense to check your own comfort zone and see if you’ve been missing out on things at the edges. From my journal: A subset of the population is born with an unusual brain structure. Let’s avoid the thorny discussion of what constitutes “normal” and just...

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How to help

One for the FAQ series. Several folks have asked how than can help and support my work. (Which is fantastic!) So here’s what I’m trying to accomplish, in broad strokes: Delighting fans. Reaching a larger audience. Experimentation. If half the things I try aren’t failing, I’m not pushing the envelope enough. Figuring out what it takes to do self-promotion, which is essential to self-publishing, and something that comes...

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Story outline template for Tinderbox

I’m working on a new storyline, and findng Libbie Hawker‘s new book Take Off Your Pants (referring to the oft-mentioned practice of writing by the seat of your pants) supremely useful. Not surprisingly, working from an outline lets you work faster and more confidently. I cooked up this Tinderbox outline to provide a jumping-off point. If I find it useful, probably others will too. I welcome any corrections or suggestions. New to...

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Deception Fault is free for only 3 more days (including today)

I have decided to conclude my experiment with using Amazon as an exclusive publisher. Thus, after July 21st, Deception Fault (Comp-Sci-Fi book 1) will be available on all the markets, not just Amazon. Then the entire Comp-Sci-Fi series will be available on five major ebook retailers, including Oyster. I still have promotion days left before then, so I’m making the book free this week Tuesday – Thursday. This is an easy introduction...

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New Release: Cold as Water

New short story is out. This is an introduction to Sumerian themes and settings of which you’ll be seeing a lot more from me soon. There’s a lot going in in 5,000 words. A strong scribe, one of the few literati, who doesn’t care what others think about her. Organic technology, like walking to other planets. No spaceships. A more realistic take on a lightsaber, or dagger. An unfolding murder mystery with generally genderflipped...

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