I won an iPad in a contest earlier this year, and its recent addition to my desk has caused all kinds of havoc. Still, a good problem to have. 🙂 Still, there’s a critical point where number of screens per square meter of desk exceeds some threshold and becomes unmanageable.

Food on my desk at this moment:

  • Spry xylitol mints (much better for your teeth than jawbreakers)
  • 500g package of Yerba Mate, somewhat diminished in the last month
  • Package of Yerba Mate + Chocolate tea bags
  • Chex Mix, unopened and probably now expired
  • A few Reese’s mini peanut butter cups
  • Several Emergen-C (vitamin C) packets
  • Several Brown Sugar & Ginger tea packets
  • Vanilla white tea bags (almost gone, only one left)
  • The same disgusting & addictive Pringles Stix. If the big one hits, they’ll beat cannibalism.
  • No beverages, but there is an empty cup

Maybe I should get a separate desk just for food items. 🙂 Other bits and pieces include a few electronic parts from MakerFaire, some wilting flowers my little daughter brought me, a CD checked out from the library, and a bunch of papers from Larry Brooks’s _Story Engineering_, an iPad, an iPhone, and a Kindle.

Music: Joe Satriani, Crystal Planet via Pandora.

I have seven pieces out on submission, including one that doesn’t have an estimated response time in Duotrope, and one market that’s not even on Duotrope. I should probably switch into novel-revision mode soon.

What’s on your desk? -m