As I noted earlier here, heads down in editing. No idea if my overall word count is up or down at this point. With the first pass on paper, there’s tons that’s crossed out, but lots written in margins too. The stack of pages left to do looks like less than 50, after which I get to attempt to read all my handwriting and type in the changes.

Work craziness has spilled onto my physical desktop. I was due for a new laptop, which I just got, but I still have the old one, and the personal one I write this from. So counting the phone, Kindle, and iPad, there’s six screens vying for desktop space and That Just Doesn’t Work.

Have a fresh glass of chocolate chai yerba mate cold-brewed in my distinctive style. It’s awsome, I must find a local source. Other not-strictly-writing-related items: house keys, a receipt for a free cookie at Subway, a #6 torx driver, and a huge steel bolt. (this last one was actually research). Add to that some recent troubles involving a non-working SSD drive, and you have this month’s recipe for messy.

Food items: Spry xylitol sugar-free mints, organic chocolate-covered cacao nibs (isn’t that kind of like bacon-wrapped porkchops?), two other kinds of yerba mate, a bunch of vitamin stuff, and yes, still one pack of the can’t-put-it-down-and-yet-it-disgusts-me Pringle’s pretzel sticks.

My VP rat keeps peeking at me from the back corner, perched atop the external backup drive. And I need to get back to work.