After an epic cleaning session last month, things were pretty rough for a while. And by rough, I mean tidy on the desk. But now the iPad is back on my desk, to play Pandora. The new webapp is cool, but it uses so much memory over time that it chokes my system. (Symptoms = non-responsive w/ black screen, fan running hard). Currently playing: Corey Stevens, “Something I Can’t Do”.

Other than that, I have stacks of notes quite a few sheets deep, covering my novel and a short story in progress. Mr. Postman recently brought a new Netflix, “Through the Wormhole”, which looks like it will be excellent, albeit a test of willpower to get things done.

Drinking: Throat comfort tea. Black licorice & slippery elm. Also, delicious.

Food: somehow, the only food item on my desk is a nearly-empty container of Spry xylitol mints, “berry blast” flavor.

My current pass through the novel involves adding about 25 kilowords. So if I can manage 1K per day with only a few whiffs, it might be done by the end of October, just in time for NaNoWriMo. If I participate, instead of starting another novel with this one unfinished, I’m thinking about writing 50kwords of short stories. Should be fun.