I’m delighted to announce: my story Ritchie Boss: Private Investigator Manager took first place in the Singular Source contest and will be published as the final chapter in the book Finding Source Code on the Web for Remix and Reuse due out later in 2012. The story will be released under a Creative Commons license and will appear on the web and likely in chapbooks as well. Royalties from eventual sales of the book will be donated to The Fistula Foundation and Sembrando (Sowing in Peru).

The contest was described like this:

It’s common to end academic books with a speculative chapter, and what would be more speculative than a science fiction short story? I invited Vernor Vinge to submit a story, because I think the future might be the programmer archeologists that appeared in his “Fire Upon the Deep” and “Deepness in the Sky.” Rather than writing software from scratch, people are taking pieces from existing systems and combining them. In this style of programming, knowing the archives is as important as the ability to put the pieces together.

Unfortunately, Vinge declined. However, he did give his blessing for a short story contest. So, here we are.

I have more to say about this, but all in due time–in the meantime, there will be more interviews and updates on the project site. I’d like to thank Susan Elliott Sim for organizing the contest and also thank judges Halli Villegas and Rosalva Gallardo-Valencia and various project donors on Indiegogo as well as Tor books.

I’m thrilled thrilled thrilled. 🙂