As unlikely as this sounds, my desk is even messier than last month. In front of me I have an iPhone, on top of some papers, on top of a book, on top of one of the girl’s hand-mirrors, on top of a file folder with more papers, on top of an Amazon receipt, on top of a drawing from my lovely daughter, on top of some of my paper story notes. But during the month I submitted something 15 times, and got a new e-reader (Kindle Fire), so it’s hard to complain too much.

This month brought FOGcon, of which I was only able to make Friday this year. Yes, I even missed the writing workshop, which from the sound of it was fabulous this year. I think I will probably make BayCon, and I’m still lined up for Paradise Lost II in May (and also got a fresh story out of the nest for that)

Novel: Hadley Rille is opening for submissions in June, so I’m still trying to figure out if the delta between where my novel is now and where it needs to be is doable in that time frame.

Reading: I’m halfway through A Game of Thrones, and about to put it down. I’m just not connecting with this story. Somebody tell me I’m crazy (or right).

Health note: running again, but I need to work back to 5k. Exercise helps immensely. Recommended.

Word press tells me this is my 12th Messy Desk Report. Happy anniversary, arbitrary recurring blog topic!