Crazy, busy month, with work kicking my butt. Still, I have an acceptance, my first to an audio market. Details soon.

Desktop deteriorating. Send help. Visible: spent iTunes card, floss, sticky notes, 2 kinds of xylitol, and a chunk of beeswax–and that’s just what’s left of my left elbow. Front and center I have several layers of paper, mostly from marked-up manuscripts.

Remember that movie First Knight where Richard Gere played Lancelot? The secret of winning, he explains, is not to care whether your live or die. Getting stories out is much that way. I have the story I took to San Antonio, a longer story that I love like a child, and a new story I wrote last week. All of them are between 90 and 99% done, and none of them are ready to go out. I need to finish these off and get them out the door. Getting too attached isn’t healthy. I need to not care whether they live or die. I think I need a personal trainer to pummel me.

Next month I’m spending a week on the road for business, to speak at an even (for which I desperately need to complete my presentation).

More to come.