August, where did you go?

The main fixture on my desk right now is a technology sandwich, my (now outdated) iPad under my (soon outdated) Kindle Fire, under my ailing 4-year-old iPhone. I actually won the iPad in a contest, but since beginning to study ASL, it’s come in handy.

I also have a glass of year-old plum mead–the leftovers after bottling. It’s good, though this year’s batch used 3x the amount of plums and will be fantastic. I also have some Canadian junk food and imitation Girl Scout cookies.

Hasn’t been a strong month for writing. Day job has been intense and energy-sapping. Been holding ground on my slush reading. I made a round of edits on a 10k word story I’m way too attached to, and a bunch of smaller edits on a few other stories in edits. With a scattered brain, I’m finding it hard to finish things. I’m jumping around too much. September does not look like it will be better, with more work-related international travel, plus visits to family at the end of the month. October, though, should be more sane.

On Pandora right now: The Polish Ambassador.

In Scrivener right now: My writing log.

I’m trying to apply this advice to a shorter story I’ve gotten some useful feedback on. What are you working on?