Some facts and figures from my 2012.

Goodreads: I read 115 books this year, for a grand total of 38,888 pages. Purely electronic books/magazines don’t add to the page count, nor to things only partially read (that is, abandoned) so the true figure is probably over 40k pages. As I mentioned before, this is a significant upward bump attributable to more time on public transport. I am attempting, though, to spend more train time writing as opposed to reading.

Duotrope: 93 submissions (7 during December), 4 acceptances. [Note: a 5th acceptance isn’t listed on Duotrope because it wasn’t a listed market. Shame, at better than 12 cents/a word…]

Current submission days outstanding (not counting novel sub): 363 / 65 / 47 / 39 / 19 / 6 / 1.

Novel submission status: zero response after waiting 6+ months. I can no longer resist the urge to fix a few things I’ve come to see (with the help from external readers) as flaws, and then it’s agent-finding season.