This is the way the month ends / this is the way the month ends / this is the way the month ends / not with a bang…

It’s shocking how easily a month can get away from you. I had a week away for work travel, upon which return I promptly came down with some kind of sickness, a vicious form of “conference crud.”

So I got FOGcon all booked, and made it through edits of a bunch of my December stories, then not much else. Even so, I managed to turn the crank and send off several things in the submission pile, as well as get one rewrite request from [cool market I admire], so that’s a plus.

Hectic-wise, February isn’t looking much better. To start out, there’s all the backlog from being sick the last week in January… So desk conditions have deteriorated predictably. The little scraps of paper have made a resurgence, as have larger sheets scribbled with numbers from solving KenKen-style puzzles. Also on the mathematical front, I’m reading David Foster Wallace’s Everything and More: A Brief History of ∞, which is fantastic.

Send caffeine!