Something incredible happened–I cleaned my desk. Then I changed ISPs [good riddance AT&T], in the process locating the domestic NOC into my office, and moving stuff around for the installer guy. Net result: pretty much a wash.

Maybe even a bit worse. I see in front of me notes for four different revisions of the story I had critted at FOGCon this year. I think I’ve finally got it. I see Story Physics by Larry Brooks. I see an awfully large amount of yellow sticky notes.

The main enemy is tiredness, which is probably connected with my involuntary break from running. And crushing work schedules. Despite this, I still have two new stories nearly ready to go out. Another is ready to start hitting the reprint circuit. My contest story got a nice nod from non-fiction editor Simon St. Laurent.

Despite giving up on the WriteAboutDragons replay class, Some good stuff came out of it. And I’ve got another few ideas just bubbling to the surface as stories.

Best advice for the month: get enough sleep.