The desk has reached new heights of messiness, which coming from me is saying something.

It’s been a hectic time, as marked by a rare miss in schedule–there was no MDR for October. There are big changes coming in the paying-the-bills day job, which is stressful. I did not NaNo this year but did commit to (and successfully accomplish) a goal of having no zero-word days during the month. This is both a blessing and a curse, because it seemed to establish a baseline of a few hundred words a day. The episodic project is progressing slowly because of this, but mainly because I’m really terrible at writing episodes. Practice, practice, practice.

As part of the ritual of new beginnings accompanying the new job, there will probably be a large-scale office/desk cleaning in the near future. I’ll be on the train more–let’s see if that translates into more reading, or even better, writing time.