…whereupon the Job Change craziness strikes with a passion. But routine is settling in, and so long as I can get myself to write on trains and busses, I should be able to finish the several things on my plate. Someone asked me recently, “how do you get so much done?” I had to admit that I don’t, not lately.

The desk: I have a standing desk configuration. Getting more serious about ergonomics, and now have a standing option. It’s the same cheapo drafting table I’ve had for a while, with a desk extender atop. It’s roughly IKEA-grade quality, but it gets the job done. That desk is large enough to feel spacious, but small enough that you can’t get too much crap piled on top. Right now, I have: a mouse, a trackpad, an ergonomic keyboard, a little grippy cable management thingy, a laptop stand, a wrist-rest, two sticky-pads, and one book–which if you’ve read previous installments of this column, you’ll recognize as insanely clean by my usual standards.

Now all I have to do is finish. Finish and submit.