I’m happy to announce a new series of loosely-connected short stories under the banner Comp-Sci-Fi.

Deception Fault is the next story in the cycle. Go check it out–it’s in the top 25 and climbing the Kindle Short Reads chart as of this posting. It’s a tribute to Alan Turing, but not in the way you might expect. Chronologically, this story is a prequel in the Comp-Sci-Fi series.

Comp-Sci is, of course, slang for Computer Science (which itself seems curiously misnamed. Better yet, the 10-minute video version. Worth it). And Sci-Fi, properly spelled, is short for Science Fiction. Combine these and you get Comp-Sci-Fi.

Specifically, each story in the sequence is somehow related to, and a tribute to the work of, a particular computer scientist, broadly defined.

Ritchie Boss: Private Investigator Manager is a tribute to the great Dennis Ritchie, with shades of Vernor Vinge and a dash of XML.

A quick note on diversity: it would be really easy for this series to default to only talking about white dudes. I’m aware of this strange attractor and working to subvert it. Stay tuned. I’m also open to suggestions for colorful personalities and fascinating ideas to include in the series.

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