I have decided to conclude my experiment with using Amazon as an exclusive publisher. Thus, after July 21st, Deception Fault (Comp-Sci-Fi book 1) will be available on all the markets, not just Amazon. Then the entire Comp-Sci-Fi series will be available on five major ebook retailers, including Oyster.

I still have promotion days left before then, so I’m making the book free this week Tuesday – Thursday. This is an easy introduction into the connected set of stories that is Comp-Sci-Fi. While thematically connected, the stories can be read in any order.

Check it out.

If you are reading this after July 16th but before July 21st, you can still read it for free if a) you are an Amazon Prime customer, and you haven’t used your Kindle Owner’s Lending Library lend-credit for July, or b) if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. (yes, that sounds complicated)

A few days after July 21st, it gets simpler. Go to any major ebook retailer and click ‘buy’. The book will be $0.99 and I will continue experimenting with ways to promote my work.

This book has some great reviews, but more will help propel this title and the series forward. Please write an honest review. Thanks!