Posts made in July, 2015

New Release: Cold as Water

New short story is out. This is an introduction to Sumerian themes and settings of which you’ll be seeing a lot more from me soon.

There’s a lot gColdAsWater_thumboing in in 5,000 words. A strong scribe, one of the few literati, who doesn’t care what others think about her.…

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Tinderbox principles for writers

Programming note: I will revisit this post from time to time to add new principles as they emerge in practice.

Tinderbox is more than just a piece of software–it’s a way of thinking. Adjusting your thinking is a critical aspect (and benefit) of using Tinderbox.…

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To NT or not NT, that is the question

I’ve been recently identified on the autism spectrum.

This is not terribly unusual. Tongue-in-cheek estimates peg half of Silicon Valley programmers as on-the-spectrum–in particular citing Asperger Syndrome, which is widely thought to be an autism spectrum “disorder”. Pop culture is laden with characters that display ‘aspie’ symptoms, to various levels of authenticity.…

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