Hollywood movies have “teaser” trailers, so why not books? Read on for a limited-time offer to get your hands on it before everyone else.

Not long after Steve Jobs passed, someone said (and if you find a citation for this, please comment below) that Steve Jobs would soon be filling the same role in fiction that Nikola Tesla had long occupied. That really got me thinking…and soon I had an entire story, the start of a series you’re going to love.

The name is not finalized, but for now I’m calling the series “Ada Lovelace Time Travel Geek-out.” Misfits_thumbIt has perhaps a bit of the same feel as Doctor Who, except with Ada Lovelace, and all the companions and villains are characters of note in this universe’s realm of science and technology. Are you as excited as I am?? I can’t wait. Here’s some more background on characters in the first volume:

Ada Lovelace: Born 1815, worked in collaboration with Charles Babbage and his “analytical engine” which he never completed. But this didn’t stop her from writing the first computer program, a century before computers existed.
William Shockley: Born 1910, worked at Bell labs on a team that developed the world’s first transistor. Somehow, nearly all the credit ended up on him. His work ultimately led to the creation of Silicon Valley as a center of innovation. Later in life, he embraced increasingly controversial stances that today still find purchase on dark corners of 4chan.
Of course, Steve Jobs makes an appearance too, and needs no introduction, right? And, don’t forget about the AI who is convinced he’s Nikola Tesla.

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Credit: I’m borrowing liberally from writer and marketing pro Monica Leonelle. Check out her book Write Better Faster which has really helped me.

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Update: Cover art!