Ladies and gentlebugs, the tablet has broken. Or something like that.

Broken Tablet is now available for purchase, and I’m throwing a week-long online party!


Grab this full-length novel for only 99 cents during launch party week!

What is Broken Tablet you ask? Start with Shiloh Naderi, a big name Silicon Valley Engineer, fed up with the empty pursuit of more gadgets. He goes to live with his relatives in a pastoral life, free of all technology with one exception that soon becomes hugely important when he’s thrown back to the Bronze Age. Shiloh is now forced to reinvent technology to survive. Ever been away from your phone charger? 4000 years away?

If this sounds a tiny bit like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court you’d be right. It was a huge influence. But there are some key differences too:

  • Our protagonist is a minority, not a “Yankee”. And more sympathetic and animal-loving. 🙂
  • Our setting is distinctly non-European and non-Western (what is the deal with Time Travel and Europe?)
  • The people we meet in the past aren’t as simplistic as Twain paints them. In some ways, they are more advanced than the Silicon Valley culture Shiloh hails from. This book goes to great lengths to depict the Sumerian culture with great fidelity and care.
  • Cuneiform. Lots of cuneiform. And beer.

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How to write a helpful review:

  • Comparisons are really useful. What does this book remind you of? Is it, say, the best of Sherlock Holmes combined with H.P. Lovecraft? [Don’t actually use that one! Already taken with Neil Gaiman’s Study in Emerald.]
  • What other authors does this writing style remind you of?
  • What are this author’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Call out specific events that clicked for you. But be mindful of spoilers!
  • Compared to other books in the genre, where does this one fit in, and where does it go a different way? Where does it give a nod to the classics?
  • Most of all, describe how this book makes you feel. That’s what readers are truly after, a way to make them feel a certain way.

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Thanks for reading to the end. Here’s an extra hint–can you figure out the connection between this novel and Cold as Water? Email me your guess, and the first correct answer will get something special.

That link again: Broken Tablet in Kindle and paperback.