Attention time travel fans: you can read a free excerpt from Broken Tablet this very minute.

Last year I published Misfits: Steve Job’s One Last Thing, a fun story where Steve Jobs and Ada Lovelace match wits in the future. I’ve updated this book to include the complete second installment in the saga, featuring Marie Curie. I used to offer this second installment only to folks who joined my mailing list, but now it’s free for everyone to read. Fans have reacted enthusiastically to this series. Enjoy!

Oh, yeah. One last thing:

For the first time in publication, you can read part of my novel Broken Tablet, included at the end of Misfits. So for the low, low price of free, you get two great stories plus a sneak peek at Broken Tablet.

(If you have previously obtained Misfits without all the bonus content, you can re-download it for the update).

Get reading!