Announcing LevelUP: an 8-bit novel

Super proud to announce the official availability of LevelUP: an 8-bit novel.

Amazon link (available at no additional cost via Kindle Unlimited)

Mr Robot meets Ready Player One

After advanced computing comes to a halt, the wold runs on hardware from the 80s. Refugee Max Root begins to discover why it happened…

Meet the characters:

Max Root

The day the computers quit working, Max was too young to remember much. Life after “Damage” is all he’s known. Now a teen, he lives hand-to-mouth in his refugee camp, helping the residents survive by running an underground trading post. Though he buys and sells tech, he refuses to use it.

Molly Matheson

Nobody in the camp knows what to make of Molly. All she seems capable of is burying her face in her ancient handheld video game, until even that is taken away from her. But Molly has a secret…

Hemera .   Krapht

Infamous for her “emoji” middle initial, Hemera is the ruthless CEO of the LevelUP corporation, known for rebuilding a corporate empire from the ashes of “Damage.” Hemera boasts of having saved millions of lives.

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