True believers,

Every time I launch a book, I get asked the question: “how can I help?” It’s amazing how many people out there want to support indie authors. I am humbled by the willingness of people to pitch in. Here’s how you can.

LevelUP officially launches on Tuesday, April 10 (but is technically available sooner). If you like this book and want to support indie authors, here’s what you can do to help:

TELL A FRIEND. Word of mouth is the most important factor in an indie book’s success.

Post a review. If you buy the book first, it will be a “verified purchase” which will count more. Here’s some things to mention in the review:

  • Thoughts about the characters
  • Favorite scenes
  • Describe the voice of the novel
  • Compare with other things you’ve read
  • If you’re familiar with Silicon Valley, mention any authentic location details you noticed
  • Whether the premise works for you or not
  • If you’ve picked out any of the hidden secrets, hint at them (but don’t give up the game straight-up)
  • Subtle 80s references you’ve picked out
  • Inevitable similarities or differences vs Ready Player One

Getting early reviews is a key factor in an author’s ability to line up advertising; many sites require a book to have 10/20/50/etc. reviews before they’ll look at it. Not to mention, readers tend to shy away from books with only a few reviews.

Buy a copy of Ready Player One. It’s a great book. And having it and LevelUP on the same “people who bought X also bought Y” list is massively important.

Buy other great Gamelit novels.

Look for my tweets, and RT. Or quote. Or reply. Or post your own.

If you are a superfan, of if you know one, join my “street team”. This is a select group of individuals who get free early access to my books in exchange for honest reviews. Is this you? Email me!

If your employer has a sci-fi or gaming mailing list, recommend LevelUP there.

Tell people about (and see if you can ‘hack’ it).

If you run across memorable, quotable bits in the book, send them to me! These will get used in social media promotion.

Join my mailing list. Stay up to date on the latest news from the Micahverse.

If you think of other ways to help an indie author, please post in the comments for this post.

Thanks! -m

P.S. You can also buy my book. That would help. 🙂