Why I don’t like the term “mental illness”

I’m rolling around the idea of a nonfiction book about writing and mental health. This comes from a couple of places. First, many writers I know suffer from various mental health conditions, and would feel inspired by an account of someone prevailing despite headwinds.…

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Can self-driving cars be too safe?

The other day, while driving I almost pulled out in front of a Google Self-Driving-Car. My natural instinct to not physically insert myself in the path of a ton of steel moving at high speeds won out, but what I that hadn’t happened?…

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Internet Mob Justice isn’t

The Way I See It. An increasingly-personal account of the world as seen by someone with Asperger’s.

This (now slightly-dated) article has been floating in my browser tab for a while. The lion-killer guy, Palmer, is not a good person in my book.…

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XML in fiction

The release of Ritchie Boss led to some discussion on twitter of the use of XML in fiction.

Not that I need to tell you all, but XML is a kind of markup that gets sprinkled around textual content, <example>like this</example>.…

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The coming bugpocalypse

It’s a common trope in SF for a society to get too reliant on technology (especially sexy alien technology) and then get into trouble when it’s taken away. In fact this seems to be a key tactic of sexy aliens. But there’s no need to invoke aliens for what is a real problem.…

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The amazing sleep experiment

I encourage all readers to try the experiment I did.

Every day, for at least ten consecutive days, go to sleep at least 1.5 hours earlier than you usually do. Wake up as usual, or when you naturally wake up.

I’ve read before that most people are in a state of sleep debt, and let me tell you, being paid off feels like nothing else.…

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