Ada Lovelace Time Travel Geek-out teaser

Hollywood movies have “teaser” trailers, so why not books? Read on for a limited-time offer to get your hands on it before everyone else.

Not long after Steve Jobs passed, someone said (and if you find a citation for this, please comment below) that Steve Jobs would soon be filling the same role in fiction that Nikola Tesla had long occupied.…

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How to help

One for the FAQ series. Several folks have asked how than can help and support my work. (Which is fantastic!)

So here’s what I’m trying to accomplish, in broad strokes:

  • Delighting fans. Reaching a larger audience.
  • Experimentation. If half the things I try aren’t failing, I’m not pushing the envelope enough.

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To NT or not NT, that is the question

I’ve been recently identified on the autism spectrum.

This is not terribly unusual. Tongue-in-cheek estimates peg half of Silicon Valley programmers as on-the-spectrum–in particular citing Asperger Syndrome, which is widely thought to be an autism spectrum “disorder”. Pop culture is laden with characters that display ‘aspie’ symptoms, to various levels of authenticity.…

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Whirlwind daze

So, day 1 as a free listing. The book spent a chunk the day in the #1 best seller position for short (= 30 minute) reads in Science Fiction and Fantasy. It’s also done well on the lists for Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Cyberpunk, and (oddly to me) Literature and Fiction.…

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Unicorn hunting

It’s become a trope: the super-smart hacker, faced with a highly secure system, frantically hammers on the keyboard for a few seconds (if it’s a really tough job, with a few pauses to show a thoughtful face) then another burst of activity, and they’re in.…

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