Guest Posting: Matt Tompkins’s Studies in Hybrid Morphology

One thing I’ve consistently advocated: Support Indy Writers!

I’m hard at work making final edits to Broken Tablet. Meanwhile, I bring you a special excerpt from something I loved: Studies in Hybrid Morphology by Matt Tompkins. It’s in the style of a technical journal.…

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Put your name in my story

To promote my new book Misfits, I’m running a fun contest. The winner can name a character in the Time Travel Geek-out series. Put your name–or come up with another name–in the story alongside Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie.

This particular character name turns out to be an alias for what will be a recurring evil character throughout the series.…

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Ada Lovelace Time Travel Geek-out teaser

Hollywood movies have “teaser” trailers, so why not books? Read on for a limited-time offer to get your hands on it before everyone else.

Not long after Steve Jobs passed, someone said (and if you find a citation for this, please comment below) that Steve Jobs would soon be filling the same role in fiction that Nikola Tesla had long occupied.…

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