Oyster: in depth review

I’m trying out a new app called Oyster. It’s iPhone specific for the moment. Think of it as Netflix streaming, except for books. I’m paying $10 out of pocket per month for the service, the standard rate.

The reader

Everything about the reader seems aimed at a smooth reading experience.…

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For discussion: Does strong-AI economics depend on social equity?

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, brought to the fore by Ken Lui’s story The Caretaker recently on Escape Pod. Go listen. It’s worth it. I’ll wait.

If someone wants to write programs today that make use of strong-AI, there’s literally nothing stopping them–they can write to the Mechanical Turk API (to be fair, there’s a narrow exception of jobs of questionable legality which would violate Amazon’s terms of use).…

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How do I read this EPUB document on my Kindle?

This is a FAQ I’ll be pointing people at in the future, and updating as needed.

EPUB is the name of a format for electronic books and other publications. It works pretty well, it has small file sizes, it’s compatible with business models that both require or don’t require DRM, and it’s actively maintained and improved by an international forum of publishers.…

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SMF as IQ test

One thing I’ve picked up from acquiring editors and slush readers is that some view Standard Manuscript Format as a kind of IQ test. If a potential author can’t even follow simple, straightforward instructions, it’s easy and justified to simply toss out that submission and move on to the next.…

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