FOGcon schedule

I’m running the Game Room at FOGcon 2016, so expect to find me in or near the Game Room for much of the show. Come stop by and say ‘hi’ :-)

Other things I’m involved with:

  • A cooperative gaming demonstration in the Game Room, featuring Pandemic (see also, Pandemic on Tabletop) 9:30pm Friday
  • My reading from my not-yet-released debut novel 10:30am Saturday
  • Create Your Own RPG Character Workshop 8pm Friday
  • Kid-friendly Gaming, featuring Apples to Apples 10:30am Sunday

Help make this awesome, so we can do even more next year.…

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Guest Posting: Matt Tompkins’s Studies in Hybrid Morphology

One thing I’ve consistently advocated: Support Indy Writers!

I’m hard at work making final edits to Broken Tablet. Meanwhile, I bring you a special excerpt from something I loved: Studies in Hybrid Morphology by Matt Tompkins. It’s in the style of a technical journal.…

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