If Muddy Waters had written Yesterday…

With minimal prompt crafting, I got ChatGPT to spit out these lyrics. We live in amazing times.

Yesterday, by Muddy Waters:

Yesterday, I was sittin’ all alone
Wondering why my baby had flown
Now I’m lost, and don’t know what to do
Yesterday, love was good and true

I used to be the man, with a heart of gold
But now I’m just a fool, oh so old
Why she had to leave, I’ll never know
But I’ll always miss my baby, oh so low

Now I’m sittin’ here, with a bottle in my hand
Trying to forget, but it’s hard to understand
Why she had to go, and leave me all alone
Yesterday, love was mine to own

But now I’m just a man, with a broken heart
Wishing we could go back, to the very start
Yesterday, love was ours to keep
But now it’s just a memory, that’s oh so deep

I’ll never forget, the love we shared
But now it’s gone, and I’m left unprepared
For a life without my baby, by my side
Yesterday, love was a beautiful ride…

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Negation of the negation

The Story Grid methodology has proved to be a useful tool to analyze story, and even though I use it almost daily and even went through 15 weeks of training, one particular aspect continues to stir confusion. It swirls around the term “negation of the negation” — hence NotN so I don’t have to write out the whole thing over and over.…

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Veritable Reality is here

Veritable Reality is here

Veritable Reality
At last, my latest book Veritable Reality is here.

The story follows from the developments that happened in Broken, though reading that novel first is not required.

Maga Kala is pretty sure she’s Nikola Tesla. Maybe. She goes beyond re-creating some of Tesla’s biggest experiments–but what she discovers will change the world beyond imagining.…

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Read LevelUP online

Read LevelUP online

Once upon a time there was a book by Ernest Cline called Ready Player One. It was good.

Then there was a movie version of Ready Player One. It was OK.

I took all the parts I liked about this genre, and fixed all the parts I thought were broken.…

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The hidden apocalypse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spoilers for Avengers Infinity War and Endgame…

Let’s talk about the snap. Instantly, half of all living beings are dust. Then the carnage starts.

Fifty percent of all cars, trucks (and any other single-pilot aircraft, etc.) instantly run wildly out of control.…

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See LevelUP on FranLab!

I sent the very first printed copy of LevelUP to Fran Blanche, who runs an addictive YouTube channel where she describes, builds, and tears down vintage electronic hardware. Check it out.

Today she posted a video where she opens her mail, including my gift to her.…

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