Another batch of bappir, with more authentic ingredients.

In most cases, when a cuneiform text says “honey” it’s referring to date honey. So I took 16 oz of dates, pitted them, and pureed them with 16 oz of water, making a delicious and aromatic spread. (Not quite a syrup.). Half of that went into this batch. Overall ingredients:

  • 24 oz organic barley flour
  • 24 oz warm water
  • 8 oz dates, liquified
  • 8 oz grape nuts (flour, malted barley flour, salt, yeast)
  • 0.5 oz sesame seeds
  • generous amount of freshly ground coriander
  • generous amount of freshly ground cardamom
  • generous amount of freshly ground grains of paradise
  • generous amount of Ceylon (true) cinnamon
Mix everything. I had to add a tiny bit more water to get the consistency right–like a thick cookie dough. The dough is really tasty. Be prepared to fight off curious family members helping themselves to a taste. 🙂 Form into flat shapes on a baking stone. Bake for 35 min at 375F, then flip them over and repeat.
This has a wonderful smell similar to banana bread while baking.