I’ve got a new flash fiction piece out in the wild. Do check it out: it’s a quick read, and it’s lighthearted while maintaining a serious bent.

Download Large Feline Collider in EPUB format.

Here’s the opening line:

Basically, it accelerates cats around the ring at high speed and collides them head-on to see what happens,” our tour guide said as we gaped at the colossal machine, the final stop of the tour.

Please rate this story and share it with your friends. Post a review on your blog. It’s under a Creative Commons license, so go do something cool with it and post about it here to let the world know.

The fantastic  cover art is from Puss in Boots, who’s work also recently appeared in Absolute Visions. I love it.

As an aside, this is my first foray into self-promotion. I’ll be keeping close tabs on what kind of traffic this produces, and I might even report back here with some results. Look for more plugs and promotions in my Twitter feed and other venues. Offer me valuable advice.

If you’ve got a Kindle device and can’t read EPUB format, first read this; if you still are having problems, send me an email and I can get you set up with something you’ll be able to read.

Enjoy! -m