For better or worse, I’m a messy-desk type of person. Periodically, the mess escalates into a sort of info-singularity and I have a purge/cleaning session, but for the most part clutter stays proportional to productivity.

So here’s what’s on my desk right now, that is, aside from the stuff that’s supposed to be there:

Food: some ancient jujubes, Chex Mix (60% less fat than regular potato chips!), 500g bag of yerba mate, Tums, White tea with vanilla, pumpkin seeds, vitamin C, and some truly disgusting Pringles Stix: honey butter baked wheat flavor.

This makes it sound like I have some kind of unhealthy relationship to food. I weigh a comfortable 170lb at 6 feet tall. I’m actually trying to gain some lean mass this month, and avoiding white carbs. So basically I like the idea of having tasty food nearby, even though I rarely partake. Just wait and see how much of this very same food is still on next month’s MDR. 🙂

Oddly, I have no beverages at my desk this moment.

Books: Just back from the library, so I have The New Media Reader, Hypertext and Hypertext 3.0 both by George Landow, and Electronic Literature by Katherine Hayles.

Other media: a Netflix DVD and envelope.

Writing instruments: My Pilot G2 pen hacked with a Mont Blanc ink refill (smooth), a “mood ring” color-changing pencil, a click eraser, retractable highlighter, Sharpie Liquid Pencil, felt-tip pen, and a Japanese technical pen.

Notes: old notes fromt the OddContest reading, a hypertext map of my WIP, an Amazon receipt, a printout of a WIP, and a dietary supplement schedule.

Misc: a completely spent Apple gift card I won on a business trip.

That’s my main desk. I have a 2nd one nearby in an L-configuration. 🙂

Five stories out on submission right now. 1 out for crit. 1 nearing completion. Novel still back-burnered why I try to forget enough of it to come at it again fresh. When that day comes, diving back in will likely trigger a full desktop purge…

What’s on your desk? -m