Posts made in August, 2013

Some constructive criticism for Write About Dragons

Scott Ashton over at WriteAboutDragons had a wonderful idea: as part of his Masters project in Instructional Technology, he’s posting lectures from a writing class taught by Brandon Sanderson at BYU. Hundreds, nay, thousands of people are following along week-by-week, as well as writing their own fiction and sharing it for critique.…

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Messy desk report for July 2013

Bigger news than my main desk is my secondary desk, a drafting table set up in an “L” configuration with my main desk. It’s clean.

I reached a breaking point and cleaned my whole office. This secondary desktop now contains, in full: blank paper, two papers to be filed in the nearby cabinet, a rubber band, headphones, a library book waiting to be returned, and a box of various vitamins/supplements that I really need a place to keep.…

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