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Guest Post: Jake Kerr on achieving greatness

Readers have been asking for writing advice, so today I have a guest posting from the amazing Jake Kerr. I’ll put links at the end to his new book on revising. I just finished it, and it’s fantastic. Take it away, Jake…


One afternoon twenty years ago I was driving through Los Angeles listening to the late George Carlin being interviewed on a radio station.…

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Lovelace graphic novel giveaway–final hours

As of this posting there’s only about 24 hours left in the Ada Lovelace hardcover giveaway. If you’re already signed up, use your “Magic URL” to help others and get more entries for yourself.

If you’re not signed up, what are you waiting for?…

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Seeing things

The Way I See It. An increasingly-personal account of the world as seen by someone on the Autism spectrum.

Hans Asperger:

Autistic children have the ability to see things and events around them from a new point of view, which often shows surprising maturity.…

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