Posts made in January, 2015

Why I don’t Facebook

While I do participate in social media where it makes sense, I do not use Facebook. At all. In the unlikely event you run across someone there claiming to be me, it’s fake. UPDATE. See this new posting. Keeping the previous one here for historical purposes.…

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The coming bugpocalypse

It’s a common trope in SF for a society to get too reliant on technology (especially sexy alien technology) and then get into trouble when it’s taken away. In fact this seems to be a key tactic of sexy aliens. But there’s no need to invoke aliens for what is a real problem.…

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Best reads of 2014

Playing with the statistics on Goodreads. Apparently I read 115 books in 2014, 14 of which I rated as 5-star. Fourteen books that changed my life and/or I will definitely be re-reading at some point.

I’m working on formulating some more stats based on the data.…

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The worst security breach of 2014

Here’s a prediction. The worst security breach of 2014 isn’t something you’ve heard about. Yet. I just got word that Chick-fil-a is investigating a potential credit card breach that goes back to 2013. Yikes.

‘So, Lone Star, now you see that security crackers will always triumph because people are dumb.’…

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