Posts made in June, 2015

Tinderbox v Scrivener

Scrivener in actionWhen talking writing software, there’s no way to avoid talking about Scrivener. In fact, I’ll say up front: you need Scrivener. That said, the overall topic for this discussion is Tinderbox. What’s worth discussing is similarities and differences between Scrivener (and its companion app, Scapple) and Tinderbox, and when to use one or the other.…

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Adventures with fitness trackers

I have a theory that the advent of the Apple Watch has made serious waves in the “wearables” market. In particular, it’s forced the hand of other companies to get something–anything–out as quickly as possible.

Now, the Apple Watch looks like a fine piece of hardware, but I’ve never been the kind of person to pay $400 for a watch, and that’s not changing just because a company has lengthened the runway on another upgrade treadmill.…

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