Managing Scrivener projects in the cloud with symlinks

Here’s a small tip that might prove helpful to folks trying out the new Scrivener for iOS.


Scrivener now allows syncing between the desktop and Mobile versions. To do this you need a Dropbox account shared across the devices, and in particular, you need to designate one particular folder for sharing projects.…

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Guest Post: Interactive Storytelling in Ada.Ada.Ada.

Today I have a special guest post from Zoe Philpott and the creators of Ada.Ada.Ada. What’s that, you ask? Read on!

To coincide with the bicentenary of Ada Lovelace’s birth, Philpott Design have created Ada.Ada.Ada. Combining interactive storytelling, wearable technology and an immersive setting to celebrate Ada as mathematician, collaborator on Babbage’s Analytical Engine, author of the world’s first computer program, and inspiration to both women and men in STEM fields today.…

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Can self-driving cars be too safe?

The other day, while driving I almost pulled out in front of a Google Self-Driving-Car. My natural instinct to not physically insert myself in the path of a ton of steel moving at high speeds won out, but what I that hadn’t happened?…

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XML in fiction

The release of Ritchie Boss led to some discussion on twitter of the use of XML in fiction.

Not that I need to tell you all, but XML is a kind of markup that gets sprinkled around textual content, <example>like this</example>.…

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Field Report: writing on a Kindle

I’m searching for the perfect setup to use for writing “on the go”. Day job commute involves a light rail ride and a shuttle ride (each way), and I’d like to be able to use the time to write. Simple enough.…

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