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Stuff to think about: ebook pricing

I see lots of articles like this, talking about consumer confusion over ebook pricing. The lead-in goes something like…aw, I’ll just quote it.

Publishers are making a killing on e-books because they cost nothing to produce, distribute and sell and are almost 100% pure profit.

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Clean Desk Report for April 2012

I had some kind of breakdown and cleaned my desk and office. Family says “wow” when they walk in now.

Cleaning extends to metaphor too, as I get ready to dive into one last edit of this novel. Prepration takes many forms.…

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The Hunger Games question

OK, here’s the deal.

I read quite a bit, as does my wife. As does my daughter. (Yeah, the one from FOGcon). As will my other daughter in a few more years. We’ve settled on Kindle ereaders for the moment, but that could change in the future.…

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Whereupon I stop reading A Game of Thrones

Somebody tell me I’m crazy. Or agree with me, who knows?

I’m right at 50% of the way through A Game of Thrones, and I’m about to put it down. Once I start reading something, I usually finish it, even if its not my most favoriteist thing in the world.…

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Messy desk Report for March 2012

As unlikely as this sounds, my desk is even messier than last month. In front of me I have an iPhone, on top of some papers, on top of a book, on top of one of the girl’s hand-mirrors, on top of a file folder with more papers, on top of an Amazon receipt, on top of a drawing from my lovely daughter, on top of some of my paper story notes. …

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