Posts made in March, 2015

Website relaunch

In the next few days or weeks, expect to see some changes here. The website refresh might break some URLs (but we’ll try not to!) so consider yourself warned. If you see an error message, try going to the root of the site and navigating from there.…

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Whirlwind daze

So, day 1 as a free listing. The book spent a chunk the day in the #1 best seller position for short (= 30 minute) reads in Science Fiction and Fantasy. It’s also done well on the lists for Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Cyberpunk, and (oddly to me) Literature and Fiction.…

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Free at last

Good morning. A quick note to observe that Ritchie Boss: Private Investigator Manager, my award-winning, Creative Commons-licensed, fiction chapter from an academic textbook is now on the free lists at Amazon. The best thing you could do to help is to write an honest review.…

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Promotion update

My goal is to be very open in my selfpub marketing approaches here, including what works and what doesn’t.

My immediate strategy is to gather my tribe in an email list. (Join here). I’m launching two short story titles, one the sequel of the other, one permafree and one paid, ideally landing both on respective top 100 lists.…

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Micah Joel

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