Posts made in November, 2014

Re-learning to type

I got a new gadget called either an iGrip or alphaGrip (both names seem to be used somewhat interchangeably). Keyboard_AG5_main2

This gadget is described as an ergonomic keyboard, though careful to avoid any specific claims about being less likely to cause, say RSI.…

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I’m working on a novel with self-driving cars, privacy compromises, a persecuted journalist, and chock full of human failure. So this week’s Uber news couldn’t be more relevant.

Uber is a pretty good approximation the infrastructure basis of how self-driving vehicle travel might operate one day.…

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Field Report: writing on a Kindle

I’m searching for the perfect setup to use for writing “on the go”. Day job commute involves a light rail ride and a shuttle ride (each way), and I’d like to be able to use the time to write. Simple enough.…

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Heartbleed and the new reality

A few months ago a bug that came to be known as Heartbleed made the rounds. This is a serious bug that affects the most sensitive parts of the public internet, making it possible under the right conditions for almost anything that’s supposed to remain secret to be available for the asking.…

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