Hear me on Top Geak

New podcast debuts today, and I’m on it. Top Geak. It includes an excerpt from the latest Comp-Sci-Fi story, and a brief interview with moi. My skills at impersonating a human are improving. 🙂

On the same episode are interviews with Sylvester McCoy (My favorite Doctor!)…

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Seven Sentences from page 7

All right, I’m easily motivated by cheap gimmicks. I’ve been tagged by the excellent John Murphy. Here’s the drill:

The rules are simple: Post 7 sentences of your work, start on page 7, count 7 lines down.

This is from a Silicon Valley satire that I’ve been churning through for a number of months (ironically slowed down somewhat by my Silicon Valley day job [since you’re wondering, no, the startup in the novel is nothing like the huge company that employs me]).…

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