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Kindle Scout campaign retrospective

I wrote this on not-yet-end-of-day on April 30th. While the campaign was still running. How can this be a retrospective?

Well, I have an all-day meeting on Day 30, so I won’t be online. So as far as I’m concerned, this is the end of the campaign.…

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Counting with Cuneiform

Here’s a quick lesson on how to count like a Sumerian. (Note: there are many different historical counting systems. This is one, and simplified at that.)

Sumerians counted in base 60

This practice has survived down to today in the number of seconds in a minute, and minutes in an hour.…

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Why you should nominate Broken Tablet today

Here are more reasons why you should nominate Broken Tablet on Kindle Scout today. UPDATE: nominations have closed on April 30.

  • All nominators get a free copy of the book, if it goes on to get published through the program.
  • This book features a non-western culture.

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