Posts made in May, 2012

Messy Desk Report for May 2012

Busy month at Chez Joel. Early in the month was an all-consuming business trip, and mid-month was Paradise Lost 2, a reunion of sorts for Viable Paradise grads. On top of that was determined progress on a final pass through my novel which is going slower than expected, but it’ll get done.…

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The great submit-a-thon of late May 2012

Spending a weekend with Jay Lake has a funny way of making one aware of  all the un-submitted stories you’ve got lying around.

Duotrope shows 13 in the active list, and as of last weekend, only 4 of them were out.…

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Got an opinion on this cover art?

Not that anyone reading this would be opinionated <pause role=”for laughter”/> but I’d appreciate any feedback on this cover art for Ritchie Boss, Private Investigator Manager (which you can read in full here under a Creative Commons license).

I haven’t yet decided on the details, and thus welcome feedback in this regard as well, but this will be published as a standalone short story in something like Kindle Singles/Createspace/…

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Ritchie Boss: Private Investigator Manager

Last year, a colleague of mine noticed this contest involving a near-future timeline, program source code, and a Vinge-ian flavor, and said ‘you really ought to enter something here. The end result: I did, and my story took the top prize.…

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