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Brand new flash fiction up now at Leodegraunce. It will be there for only seven days, then it’s gone, so check it out.

If you like this sort of thing, also be sure to read my free story Large Feline Collider in EPUB format.…

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Like free, short fiction? Check out Large Feline Collider

I’ve got a new flash fiction piece out in the wild. Do check it out: it’s a quick read, and it’s lighthearted while maintaining a serious bent.

Download Large Feline Collider in EPUB format.

Here’s the opening line:

Basically, it accelerates cats around the ring at high speed and collides them head-on to see what happens,” our tour guide said as we gaped at the colossal machine, the final stop of the tour.

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How do I read this EPUB document on my Kindle?

This is a FAQ I’ll be pointing people at in the future, and updating as needed.

EPUB is the name of a format for electronic books and other publications. It works pretty well, it has small file sizes, it’s compatible with business models that both require or don’t require DRM, and it’s actively maintained and improved by an international forum of publishers.…

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Messy Desk Report: January 2012

Been getting crushed by work recently.

Food on desk: Xylitol mints, and some packaged tea in the corner. That’s it.

Papers on desk: Sticky notes, Togo’s receipt with miscellaneous notes written on the back, several letter-size sheets with notes, post oral surgery “instructions for care of the mouth”, Netflix envelope (unopened), some kind of mail-in registration card, Amazon receipt.…

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