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Guest Posting: Matt Tompkins’s Studies in Hybrid Morphology

One thing I’ve consistently advocated: Support Indy Writers!

I’m hard at work making final edits to Broken Tablet. Meanwhile, I bring you a special excerpt from something I loved: Studies in Hybrid Morphology by Matt Tompkins. It’s in the style of a technical journal.…

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Broken Tablet has cover art

Check out this beautiful cover. I have it back from my editor and am working on some final polish. I’m focusing on the reader experience, making something immersive.

Next up, revving the promotion engine. If you have a podcast or blog and would like to have me talk about or guest post about this, get in touch.…

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The most inspirational quote

A  quote that reshaped my life came from a mathematical textbook.

I’ve remembered it as “what one fool can do, so can another,” but in full form it is:

Being myself a remarkably stupid fellow, I have had to teach myself the difficulties, and now beg to present to my fellow fools the parts that are not hard.

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