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On this week’s This American Life, a fascinating tale of a false confession. If you write stories with humans (or human-analogues) you need to be a connoisseur of the soul. It’s shocking how easily we can be convinced of counter-factual truths simply by repetition combined with fatigue.…

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Writing longhand

I’m starting a new longer project, and doing so longhand. I have a 100-sheet notebook (graph paper, natch) and am beginning to densely fill the pages. I counted 634 words on one side of one sheet, which means an entire novel-length piece can comfortably fit in one notebook.…

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Messy Desk Report for September 2013

September flew past. Work is work.

I have, tentatively, started running again. The right supplements (glucosamine) and hardware are helping.

But where did the month go?

I began the arduous process of querying agents on my novel.

I had zero caffeine yesterday.…

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