Intermediate TODOing with Agents and Attributes

Previously, we set up a simple TODO list, because keeping things in a system of record beats keeping things in your head, every single time. Go ahead and review this setup so it’s fresh in mind. I will assume that most readers are like me and need refreshers from time to time.…

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Tinderbox principles for writers

Programming note: I will revisit this post from time to time to add new principles as they emerge in practice.

Tinderbox is more than just a piece of software–it’s a way of thinking. Adjusting your thinking is a critical aspect (and benefit) of using Tinderbox.…

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Tinderbox v Scrivener

Scrivener in actionWhen talking writing software, there’s no way to avoid talking about Scrivener. In fact, I’ll say up front: you need Scrivener. That said, the overall topic for this discussion is Tinderbox. What’s worth discussing is similarities and differences between Scrivener (and its companion app, Scapple) and Tinderbox, and when to use one or the other.…

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Tinderbox v Evernote

In nearly any recent discussion about writing tools, Evernote will inevitably come up. So it’s worth discussing the plusses and minuses of Evernote, and why you still might want to use Tinderbox, particularly in the context of novelish worldbuilding.

This posting is a work-in-progress.…

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Why Tinderbox?

I’m putting together a series of blog postings on Eastgate’s amazing power tool, Tinderbox. I’ll cover the ‘what’ and ‘how’ in great detail, from the perspective of a writer/worldbuilder. But I’ll start with the ‘why’ in the form of a practical example.…

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