Posts made in January, 2016

Why I don’t like the term “mental illness”

I’m rolling around the idea of a nonfiction book about writing and mental health. This comes from a couple of places. First, many writers I know suffer from various mental health conditions, and would feel inspired by an account of someone prevailing despite headwinds.…

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Geektastic Things

If you are thinking about buying something geeky, try out my new experimental store, Geektastic Things. Like almost everything I do, this is an experiment. Will this be a useful part of an author platform?

I plan to more permanently archive lists of books, games, and gadgets that I talk about on my reading list.…

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Sensory Overload

I am now curious. Does anyone else experience this?

Back in the olden days, I remember LED clocks would light up solidly. I could turn my head quickly, or even just swivel my eyes, and the solid bars of the 7-segment display would stretch out into lightsabery lines.…

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Micah Joel

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