Posts made in September, 2013

Oyster: in depth review

I’m trying out a new app called Oyster. It’s iPhone specific for the moment. Think of it as Netflix streaming, except for books. I’m paying $10 out of pocket per month for the service, the standard rate.

The reader

Everything about the reader seems aimed at a smooth reading experience.…

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Brainstorm: the story you wish someone would tell

What is the spec fic story that you wish someone would write but hasn’t?

In an effort to flex my self-promo muscles I am going to (gasp) produce more on-topic, useful content on these pages.

So join the discussion. No promises, but if any of the ideas grabs me, I just might do something with it.…

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Clearing tabs

Sometimes I come across useful, interesting, our just plain cool pages, and these tend to accumulate in open tabs in my browser. Here’s hoping that writing about them is enough of a digestive process to close some out.

Get My FBI file which sounds interesting, but does asking for one put you on a list?…

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Messy Desk Report for August 2013

Something incredible happened–I cleaned my desk. Then I changed ISPs [good riddance AT&T], in the process locating the domestic NOC into my office, and moving stuff around for the installer guy. Net result: pretty much a wash.

Maybe even a bit worse.…

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