Hey, some months, if it weren’t for Messy Desk Reports, I wouldn’t be blogging at all.

I’m generally OK with that. Like anything blogging takes time, and sometimes you need to spend your limited time on what’s at the top of the list.

On my desk right now: 2 kinds of xylitol and one kind of (dark) chocolate. Dental floss. A sticky note with my next five writing projects laid out. An old, water-damaged copy of Make magazine. A mechanical pencil, 0.9mm lead. A receipt for Wall Street News at the DFW airport. A Stress Control card (hold your thumb on the square for 10 seconds and see what color it turns). A small mirror I use to look at my throat for certain voice exercises. A blue highlighter. A green highlighter. A DVD from lifeprint.com. A power cable for a Kindle Fire. A shot glass full of thumbtacks. (Perhaps somebody trying to tell me something)

I finished reading a colleague’s (wonderful) novel and need to write up the overall notes, then I’m off to my list of writing projects, a few of which are rather ambitious. If all goes well, I won’t have time to blog until July’s MDR. 🙂

Also, sweet, sweet publication. -m