Bigger news than my main desk is my secondary desk, a drafting table set up in an “L” configuration with my main desk. It’s clean.

I reached a breaking point and cleaned my whole office. This secondary desktop now contains, in full: blank paper, two papers to be filed in the nearby cabinet, a rubber band, headphones, a library book waiting to be returned, and a box of various vitamins/supplements that I really need a place to keep.

My main desk is pretty typical, but with more notes and diagrams than usual.

I really miss running.

I’m participating in the Brandon Sanderson weekly lecture series, and as a result putting together the episodic Silicon Valley satire that’s been on the back of my mind for while. It feels good to dig into a new project, but I have two pieces left in that awkward stage where the draft is complete but unsatisfying. My hope is that by the time the Sanderson lectures finish, my subconscious will have worked out all the details and I can quickly finish those. Yeah, I’ll let you know how that turns out. -m