Sometimes I come across useful, interesting, our just plain cool pages, and these tend to accumulate in open tabs in my browser. Here’s hoping that writing about them is enough of a digestive process to close some out.

Get My FBI file which sounds interesting, but does asking for one put you on a list? Does mentioning this link in a weblog??

Literary analysis: 26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss and an ridiculously close read thereof.

The Best Life Advice I’ve ever heard — Amy Sundberg.

Flytrap Kickstarter, more good stuff from Tim Pratt

Rahul Kanakia’s blog is brilliantly written, and reveals a side to him I never experienced even after being in a writing group with him for months. Lots of good advice, and the tone is exactly the same as sitting across from him at a table. I wish I could blog like this.

Story notes on You Have to Follow the Rules, as recently seen/heard on Strange Horizons. (also SH fund drive)

How to write a novel synopsis also this

Thought Verbs by Chuck Palahniuk

and because I’m always looking for it, a link to Finding Source Code on the Web for Remix and Reuse, in which my fiction appears as the closing chapter.